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KYC, AML and data privacy – a delicate balancing act (Free)

3 Febbraio | 16:00 - 17:00

KYC, AML and data privacy – a delicate balancing act

In this webinar our expert panel will address some of the most challenging questions facing compliance teams as countries around the world pass new data protection laws and ramp up enforcement. We’ll discuss practical steps to deal with ever greater pressure to satisfy financial regulators and tax authorities on the one hand, and growing regulatory and consumer concerns about privacy on the other. We’ll share our experience in working with some of the world’s largest firms and with major regional players in emerging markets to give you a truly global perspective.

• How do you keep financial services regulators, data protection regulators and – most importantly – customers happy?
• Do AML and KYC always provide sufficient justification for processing personal data?
• How do you satisfy US regulators and process data lawfully in the EU or UK?
• What can you do to improve privacy protection without compromising compliance?
• What do you have to tell customers about your compliance processing?
• What are the privacy issues with enhanced KYC and AML?
• How far can you go with automation?
• Can you operate compliance as a global shared service?
• How do you safely share customer data across international borders?
We’ll also talk about the value of privacy. Our Privacy Made Positive programme uses original research to show that consumers act on privacy; we’ll talk about how good privacy practice can deliver bottom-line benefits, and how to leverage privacy as a competitive advantage.

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3 Febbraio
16:00 - 17:00
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