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Will you pay for privacy? – A Conversation with Josh Gottesman & Akul Bali

13 Gennaio | 8:00 - 9:00

In this episode of the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast, Punit is joined by Josh Gottesman and Akul Bali, for a conversation about providing people with a social media platform that protects privacy.
What is GDPR in one word?
Do you think people will pay for privacy?
How do we educate more consumers about the issues surrounding internet privacy?
How can organizations and individuals establish trust?
How privacy is evolving?
Josh Gottesman and Akul Bali, the co-founders of Privee. Privee is an ad-free, privacy preserving social media platform where members can win real money in daily themed contests. Privee will be launching later this year.
Prior to starting Privee, Josh and Akul met while working at Google in San Francisco on their business operations and strategy team
Josh worked on pricing and monetization strategy for Google hardware and subscription services
Akul spent his time at Google working on YouTube Ads Product Strategy and Alphabet’s overarching privacy strategy
Punit Bhatia is one of the leading privacy experts who works independently and has worked with professionals in over 30 countries. Punit works with business and privacy leaders to create an organization culture with high privacy awareness and compliance as a business priority. Selectively, Punit is open to mentor and coach privacy professionals.
Punit is the author of books “Be Ready for GDPR” which was rated as the best GDPR Book, “AI & Privacy – How To Find Balance”, “Intro To GDPR”, and “Be an Effective DPO”. Punit is a global speaker who has spoken at over 30 global events. Punit is the creator and host of the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast. This podcast has been featured amongst top GDPR and privacy podcasts.
As a person, Punit is an avid thinker and believes in thinking, believing, and acting in line with one’s value to have joy in life. He has developed the philosophy named ‘ABC for joy of life’ which passionately shares. Punit is based out of Belgium, the heart of Europe.

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13 Gennaio
8:00 - 9:00
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